“Neal Pollack has a well documented history of putting himself into ridiculous positions, but never so literally… If Eat, Pray, Love had been written by a sweaty, aging, male smartass, then that book might be called Stretch, and Elizabeth Gilbert would be named Neal Pollack.” —John Hodgman.

“[Neal Pollack is] a yoga bad boy, a bong-hitting carnivore with a taste for laughter…a highly entertaining guide as he investigates the good, bad and ugly of the yoga spectrum…Both sincere and subversive, Pollack will likely inspire more than one reader to commit to yoga.” --Kirkus Reviews.

"A fresh memoir missing the usual trappings of yogi earnestness. Pollack remains a charming enfant terrible as he winds his way along his yoga journey, critical and mocking of the industry’s pretensions, yet clearly enamored as he learns to tame his inner demons while mastering the chataranga jump back. Just try not to laugh out loud."--Heeb Magazine.

"Pollack humorously covers both the physical aspects of yoga and the Zenlike mind-set...he offers a peek into the wide world of yoga, skewering its self-righteous politics while celebrating its keen sense of community."--Penthouse.

"A sometimes fantastic fillet of the spiritual practice...Pollack shows us how the intersection of California and flexible women often results in a cesspool of vapidity."--Time Out New York.

"Stretch" recounts all the scenarios indigenous to participatory journalism: Breaking wind during stretches, struggling to do the moves, sweaty mats, dirty gym clothes, being stoned at yoga and chirpy teachers whose chattering would be better suited to a step class...Pollack makes the most of his subject's inherent comedy." --The Oregonian.

" a particularly gripping episode of VH1’s “Behind the Music."--The Boston Globe.

"Touching as well as funny...Ultimately, Pollack lampoons himself more than the culture, and this is perhaps the most compelling evidence of Pollack's conversion: his inability to be snarky about yoga."--The San Francisco Chronicle.

"Watch out, yogis: The wickedly satirical Neal Pollack is among you...His new book is that rarest of breeds, a yoga memoir--man style...Full of raucous internal dialogue that recounts his struggle to reconcile yoga with his practices of smoking dope, singing ribald country and western songs, and munching beef jerky after class, Stretch's "rake's progress" and happy ending give women an insight into the male mind as well as wry comfort to the modern yoga dude."--Yoga Journal.

"If you really want to read something different about yoga, I can recommend Neal Pollack's Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude...while there are a lot of things that are funny about doing yoga in 21th century America, most writing about the subject is pretty dry, so a yoga page-turner is worth noting...those yogis who are not naturally athletic, were never a member of professional dance troupe, and were not raised in a yurt, in other words, ordinary yogis, have found our spokesmodel."--Ann Pizer,

"Instead of griping or avoiding the topic, Neal dives headstand first into his own at-times selfish or ignorant actions and attempts to change them. Stretch may have bits of comedy sprinkled throughout, but at heart it's a book about self-realization, though possibly one with more schvitzing than any other ever written on this topic...So read Stretch if you want to be amused. But read it also because I'm guessing you'll find little parts of yourself in there, those habitual forks in the road where a decision lies before you and you wonder whether to stick to the same old or try to break fresh ground. Namaste to Neal for at walking along a new and unfamiliar path, and for sharing these wonderful dispatches along the way."--Derek Beres, The Huffington Post.

"Poignant and hilarious...Neal Pollack's account of his transformation into a yogi will have you turning pages."--MORE Magazine.

"Pollack deserves credit for diagnosing universal existential maladies...Anyone who’s happened into a yoga class taught by an exoskeleton with breast implants will laugh at his ridicule of the competitive strain in some New York studios."--The New York Times Book Review.


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