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December 18, 2008

The NBA: Origins

I have a piece today on Slate about the New York Knicks' ridiculous courtship of LeBron James, two years ahead of the fact. I frame it in terms of Marvel Comics' long-running "WhatIf" series. This has caused a bubble of speculation online about what would happen if Wolverine actually did join the Knicks. Nerds. The piece is a critique of the NBA, not a fan-boy analysis of superheroes' basketball-playing abilities. Anyway, here's one favorite scenario:

Wolverine would (presumably) not be allowed to use his claws in an actual NBA game, so that’s a problem. Animal-keen senses and enhanced physical abilities describe pretty much everybody in the NBA except maybe Eddy Curry, you have to have at least what I’d consider to be enhanced physical abilities to at least get to a high level in the NBA. Where Wolverine differs would be in his stamina (you could pencil him in for 48 minutes a night, even on back-to-back games on West Coast road trips) and his strength (you don’t lightly foul a man with a metal skeleton). Even if he had below-average ball-handling ability, you’d think he could drive the lane on a consistent basis and no one would want to mess with him. Wolverine would, you’d think, be able to intimidate every wannabe tough guy in the NBA from Shaq on down.

And thus, we fiddle while the recession burns.



I already responded to your great piece, which I think you wrote just for me. Are there really other comic book geeks AND comic book geeks out there? Anyway, thanks!


I already wrote about your great piece. Is that piece written just for me? Are there other comic book fans who are also NBA fans? Regardless, thanks!


Oops. Problem with the spam filter. Like I said, I'm a geek.

Trust me, if I thought that I could stave off the recession by not writing snarky blog posts, I would do it. Thanks for the inspiration, though, and for warning humanity about the dangers of the all-you-can-eat seats at Dodger Stadium.

Hi Neal,
I met you at the Nov. '08 Sanibel Writer's Conference. Have some edits to Nathaniel Daniel but misplaced your e-mail address to send them to you. If you've got a free sec or two, please shoot me an e-mail at MMRobb@aol.com

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