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October 10, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Here

This week in Pollack-land:

Elijah wisely rejects Of Montreal.

Regina dispenses some motherly wisdom.

We learn about caves.

Meanwhile, over in Gawker-infuriating land:

Elijah and I wrangle over cookie dough.

A garden grows.

And, most horribly of all, we eat cheese and watch Wallace and Gromit.

Stop by and see what all the controversy is about! Will the madness ever end?



Holy shit those are some dumb fuckers leaving comments on your post about ice cream.

i know it's been a while since i checked in but christ on a crutch, you're everywhere! good for you!

we must talk about the magic that is yo gabba gabba....do you know the aquabats? i mean, personally? i would do just about anything to get them to play a romp. email me. :)

Hey Buster, you can't go away that long, come back, talk about the power of cheese, and say, like, how, much!

C'mon, Neal appease the cheese, does it help with the kids and broccoli?

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