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May 11, 2007

Nightline--At Last!

Here's a YouTube link to the Nightline piece on my family. Note two things: How ordinary (if well-spoken) we are, and my kid's unbearable freakin' cuteness. Apologies that I can't embed the video. But follow that link, and you'll be fine.

Happy Mother's Day, to you mothers.



Love LOVE LOOOOOOVE the piece. Very cute. Love you people.

What's not to like? I don't understand the anchor being square and okay with that. He looked more like a rectangle.

I love Regina! You rock, and I'm so glad that you pointed out that we are just regular parents who choose not to support the corporate idols. If that is alternative parenting, well then good. I only wish more people would do it!

In watching this, it was so obvious that if our children ate at McD's 3 times a day and got their t-shirts from Wal-Mart instead of Threadless.com, we could be so much more "cool" in their eyes.

Very "cool"!

I loved how they called Regina "Alternamom."

Haha, there's nothing wrong with listening to NPR and watching Doctor Who. That's basically the story of my life right now- you callin' me a dork? Haha.

Great piece, though. And yes, your kid is fantastically cute.

From watching the Sippy Cups I think the ultimate outcome of "cool", "hipster" parenting might be kids rebelling and creating stuff that makes current cool people act like their grandparents when Elvis shook it. Will rock and roll and rap be replaced by something we have yet to imagine? Stay tuned!

I hope so, Tim. There was an interesting piece in the kind of place that runs interesting pieces a few months ago about how the new generation gap is being lived online, where kids have no sense of personal boundaries...But is it possible that the IDEA of a generation gap is fading? Would that be so bad?

I dunno. I don't even understand the concept of a generation any more. How out of touch can one get when one grew up with punk and hardcore rap? What's gonna make thirty-somethings with impeccable cultural taste lose touch? Hopefully we will be forced off the cool throne by something real and strange and beyond our comprehension. I want to hate whatever it is, and not because it sucks like everything on the radio, but because it offends me, deeply.

I want this to happen, and I want it to rise from the gutters. We need it. I want your kid and all his friends to make me puke in 20 years. So I guess what I'm saying is, though it would be nice at 50 to be contemporary because there's not much gap to be had, I would prefer, as a citizen, that there were a huge, monsterous gap (provided it's non-violent).

The generational lines are starting to blurr. I'm a "y" and my husband is an "x".

There is this twenty year span in which we are all in the same parenting boat. I'm 25 with two kids and I know 40 somethings with kids younger than mine.

That just seems unlikely, Tim. Not EVERY Boomer hated hip-hop, and not all our grandparents hated rock-n-roll.

You're right, that's what I'm getting at, and it's disappointing in a way. The more I think about it though, maybe "generation gap", idea or otherwise, is something that was pretty exclusive to the boomers and to a lesser extent their kids. So maybe the lack of a large gap is the more natural state. My fear is, how does rebellion and social upheaval occur without one?

Whoa Neal!
Your radical parenting style really comes across in this piece. There is no question but that you and your followers represent a dangerous departure from the safe cultural norms of parents who came before... Playgrounds? Dancing? Music? Why do you have to be so different? I can see why David Brooks wants to get you back to the Barcalounger where you belong.

That is one very cute little boy. And your book is amazing.

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