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April 20, 2007

Jaguar Vs. Anaconda

Elijah has reached the age where nothing entertains him more than animals eating other animals. This causes him to ask us questions, sometimes hourly, like "which animals eat other animals in Egypt?" It also has a way of tinting his game play. For instance, a Go Fish game that we bought him, which features cards depicting cute cartoon fish, has instead turned into an epic fish-eating-other-fish battle for control of the seas. An "Animal Rummy" game produces the same results on land.

In times of extreme animal-eating-other-animal crisis, we turn to YouTube. Favorites include a pride of lions mauling the guts of a wildebeest, and a nasty little fight between a pack of hyenas and a marauding gang of African wild dogs. But the top of the line, by far, is an an epic battle between a jaguar and an anaconda, which seems to have been taken from a 1960s Disney nature film. Enjoy, and share with all your children.




Almost as disturbing as that footage of the water-skiing squirrel. Almost.

I thought this was going to be a discussion of Apple OS's. Animals eating other animals is much more entertaining!

Of course... the shark-eating octopus is still the best YouTube fight vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Np5n23MbXc

Me and my kids were rooting for the anaconda.

My 5 year old son is obsessed with sharks right now, so he really enjoyed the octopus eating the shark.

He also cheered for the jaguar when it finally killed the anaconda - apparently being a non-garter snake makes the anaconda evil and deserving of death.

Since Elijah's so into animals eating animals, he'd probably like the game "Chomp!" It's more or less like Slap Jack, but with sea creatures and the food chain (animals that can "chomp" each other). My kids love it.

My son and I were at Thinker Toys the other day and ran across Chomp, since he is obsessed with sharks, I had to buy it. He LOVES it!

With two players, it is just like War...but with the added fun of inking octopi and electric eels.

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