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December 31, 2006

Alternadad Reviews

"Pop-culture writer Pollack has a reputation as a fun-loving, party-going hipster. For years he danced awkwardly from relationship to relationship, until he found the person he was looking for and settled down (sort of). Now we learn his deep, dark secret: he loves his little boy, loves him with a goofy, all-consuming love that makes him (and the reader) break out into smiles nearly constantly. This book, which recounts the author's transition from hipster guy to hipster dad, is both laugh-out-loud funny and cry-softly poignant. Written in Pollack's in-your-face, no-holds-barred style, it just may be the most offbeat book about parenting ever written, and fans of the author's previous, equally idiosyncratic book--including that pop-culture staple The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature (2000)--will be utterly enraptured."

Texas Monthly
"Engaging...Pollack is...America's postmodern Erma Bombeck."

Los Angeles Times

Revelatory and funny...He writes deliciously of his son's malapropisms and imaginary playmates, of the intense satisfaction they get joking, moshing and telling stories. More traditional dads surely love their kids just as much, but rarely has the bond felt more moving than it does here."

"Very funny...Pollack shouldn't simply be lumped in with a spurious hipster parenting movement. His book reveals that the core aim of fatherhood has barely budged: provide food, clothing, shelter."

San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Alternadad is more than just the work of a proud papa toking from a vaporizer. Pollack proves himself capable of handling serious subject matter."

The New York Times Book Review
"Amusingly cranky...The hilarious and emotional all-family brouhaha that erupts over the topic of circumcision will resonate with many, as will Pollack's description of the conflicted feelings all parents have at one time or another. "

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Bracingly honest, and so full of love it could just as easily go in the Parenting section, next to Anne Lamont's classic, "Operating Instructions"... "Alternadad" gives comfort, with a bonus of lots of laughs, to every parent who is just doing the best he can. "

"Alternadad records Pollack's uneven progress toward the responsibilities of parenthood in a hilarious, often moving way. A baby manual for the truly unconventional. "

Boston Globe

"Highly enjoyable."

Houston Chronicle

"Frequently amusing and disarmingly touching...It's heartening to find a different Pollack — whose great, previous work was well-armored with its opinionated cynicism — who has put a vulnerable side on full display here."

Urban Baby
"With his signature wit and candor, Pollack describes his unique approach to parenting...Alternadad offers a peek into the world of the modern family, where anything-but-typical parents are raising kids differently than their own parents, but with all the love and responsibility (and sense of humor) that the job requires."

Austin American-Statesman
"This book proves that parenting is partly poignant, and mostly hard. Fortunately, Pollack also has a self-deprecating sense of humor about the whole exercise."

Child Magazine
"Holding on to his unorthodox approach as he tackles playground and preschool politics and discipline dilemmas is more challenging than he expected but, fortunately, very funny."

New York Post
"Pollack's candid account of his escapades is a refreshing antidote to the ultrasensitive, get-it-all-right mommy struggles that can make every parent feel even more overwhelmed and inadequate."

"Pollack treats the subject of fatherhood with humor and honesty...Never resorting to Bill Cosby-Fatherhood-type wit and witticisms, he succeeds in writing about parenting and reveals himself as an ever-evolving writer who's not afraid to call life as he sees it."

Philadelphia City Paper
"The book is surprisingly heartwarming, considerably jarring, and funny as fuck."

Capital Times (Madison)
"To a humorous and somewhat uncomfortable degree, "Alternadad" is a very straightforward and honest account of Gen-X parenting, and in particular the strange and irresistible yearning of many 30-somethings to become not merely good parents, but 'cool parents'...wry chapters on more mundane parenting matters like day care, discipline problems and the struggle for the self-employed to find decent health care these days ring true for any parent, cool or square."

Publisher's Weekly
"Witty...Pollack hasn't lost his flair for tongue-in-cheek commentary."

Library Journal

"Eminently readable...observant, witty, and smart."

Washington Post
"There are moments in Pollack's writing that broke me up, Dave Barry-style...that made me laugh aloud."

"With his new memoir, the recovered satirist follows in the grand tradition of books like Bill Cosby's Fatherhood. For Pollack, it's a drastic reversal...but we're lucky that he acquiesced."

"Alternadad works because it's got a lot of heart. Neal tells his story without the shrill judgment and holier-than-thou attitude that's prevalent in so many parenting books and blogs. It's an honest, funny, and ultimately moving story, one that dads (and moms) will love."

"Amiable...Pollack remains a keen-eyed student of Americana. He's charmingly willing to mock his and Regina’s best-laid but oft-unsuccessful plans about raising young Elijah in a liberal, toxin-free environment where he will be exposed to the Ramones and other rockin’ bands instead of the usual commodified pap."

Kirkus Reviews
"Foolproof material...good job, Neal!"



I'm so excited!

Damn! That's an awesome list, dude.

Hmmm. I looked, but I didn't see the one from my hometown paper, the Edmonton Journal, where the reviewer reported having serious misgivings about playdates involving a dad who smoked pot. Whereas I have serious misgivings about playdates involving parents who don't.

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