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December 23, 2006

Alternadad In The News

The San Francisco Chronicle covers a super-fun Alternadad party.

Time Magazine

"The Howl of this movement is Neal Pollack's new memoir Alternadad. Pollack, a novelist and erstwhile punk-rock frontman, sets out to make sure that in a world of Disney and Barney, his baby Elijah, now 5, will be cool (and thus that Dad will remain so). He home schools the boy in hipster culture, taking him to blues shows and playing him a curated collection of punk. Goodbye, Baby Mozart; hello, Baby Ramone.
Full disclosure: I have two young sons, and if anything, Pollack gets my experience unsettlingly right."

It's not a trend until USA TODAY says so.

A Satirist Shows His Soft Side--A brief excerpt from my cover profile in Poets & Writers, which calls Alternadad "a carefully considered and well-drawn portrait of modern parents."

"Daddy coolest"--A Los Angeles Times profile that calls this site "hilarious" and says that Elijah is a "precocious child with the face of a Botticelli and the temperament of Dennis The Menace."

Alternadad, Alternafood--a lovely food-based profile in the Minneapolis City Paper by the brilliant Dara Moskowitz.

An interview with Gothamist.

An interview with Radar.

The Boston Herald smells a trend.
Largehearted Boy's book notes, featuring my "soundtrack" to Alternadad.

Great article in the Nashville Tennessean about rock music for kids, featuring lots of quotes from Dan Zanes and Jason Ringenberg, and a short piece of Gen-X punditry from me.



Just got the "Poets & Writers" in the mail. Holy kamoley! Congrats on such a great story!

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