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February 1, 2005

So I Was Wrong

There's a lot of nyah-nyah-I-told-you-so going around. But anyone who opposed the war should still hold their heads up. Only the most deluded and reactionary among us said that the Iraqis couldn't build a democracy or didn't want one. We have to remember that we criticized the dishonest way we went to war and the incompetent and often brutal way we went about the occupation, not the concept of democracy itself. We were right to distrust the government's motives in Iraq. We should continue to distrust them.

The fact that so many people distrusted our government and held its feet to the fire actually helped speed up what happened on Sunday. We should all take pride. This is not just a victory for the Bush Administration, particularly since the elections, as conducted, were the idea of Grand Ayatollah Sistani. We kept the pressure on the prevailing powers, therefore sort of functioning as a free society should, and it led to good results.

Here endeth the lesson. Tomorrow, back to writing about books and cheese.