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December 4, 2002

Only I truly understand the truth

I've been very busy the last week blogging about many important topics, such as the need for a Marine landing in Nigeria, John Kerry's pedophiliac leanings (and he's also boring), as well as Al Gore's absurd statement that most newspapers and broadcast outlets are owned by five major corporations. So I haven't had a chance to comment on Michael Kinsley's stunning admission that, as a National Book Award judge in nonfiction, he failed to read all 402 entries. Now, I was once Mike's intern at The New Republic, and I can safely say that before he got all prissy on TV and got all chummy-chum with Bill Gates up there in special coffee land, he always read every single National Book Award nominee in every category. That was 12 years ago now, and he taught me a lifelong habit. I wasn't asked to judge this year's Book Awards, because the leftists who run the show are afraid of my ideas, but I still read all the books, and paid for them myself, too. So who is a better judge? After all, I'm out $10,000 of my own money. I can say without a compromised doubt that the best nonfiction book of the past year was Robert Caro's Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate. Wow. What a book. I've read it five times, and each time I find something new.

Yesterday brought an extreme flurry of excitement regarding my new book, which, by the way, can be preordered directly to your left from So New Media. But every day with me is a thrill ride in paradise, so keep reading.

Witness the best interview with me ever published. This appears in the current issue of the excellent web publication Bookslut, whose daily blog is essentially reading for book dorks who also hate Jonathan Safran Foer. Kenan Hebert, a rising American intellect, conducted the interview in a noisy Austin bar full of smoke and drunken frat boys. Somehow, he extracted many fascinating ideas from me, some of which were about rock, a topic about which I know nothing. Read it. Feel free to agree or disagree. But if you disagree, be warned. I will destroy you.



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